October 8, 2014

October Giveaway Mega-Post!

Hey friends!

This post is a bit different from what I normally post - it doesn't count as American Advice or any kind of nail art.  I follow a bajillion different indie nail polish makers and nail/beauty bloggers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Many of the wonderful people that I follow share giveaways of nail polish, nail art tools, nail health products, and beauty products!  Basically, every time I find a new giveaway, it leads me to another blogger, who leads me to another giveaway, which leads me to another blogger... it's a really fun, endless cycle!

I share some of these giveaways on my Facebook page, but I decided to throw all of the current giveaways into one big blog post for you guys!


This first one ends in just a few hours - tonight (10/8) at midnight - so if you're interested, hurry up and enter!  Lucky 13 Lacquer is hosting a Trick or Treat giveaway.  There are two prizes: one is a treat, with nail polish and "nail care goodies," while the other box is a trick consisting of "good-natured fun and tricks (it even has a nail polish! With some assembly required)."  Both prizes are already boxed and packaged in identical boxes, so even the host doesn't know which winner will get which prize!  Sounds like fun! 

Next up is from Shelby Lou Nails, who is celebrating her blog's one-year anniversary!  Congratulations, Shelby!  Her giveaway includes three different prizes - which means three winners!  That always makes me happy.  It's running until November 1 (I think that's right - it's going for another 24 days as of October 8) and there are several ways to enter.

Third we have Femme Fatale Cosmetics' HUGE giveaway, celebrating their THIRD year in business.  Three years, wow!  There are forty prizes in this giveaway - meaning forty winners - and it's running until October 31.  With so many prizes, there are tons of different ways to enter.

Next is Cosmetic Sanctuary, who has teamed up with KBShimmer in honor of the fall season.  In addition to a few nail polish colors and nail art tools, this giveaway includes several lotions, bath bombs, soaps, and even more!  Enter by October 19th.

Alchemy Lacquers is hosting a 1st Halloversary (Halloween+Anniversary) giveaway - another mega one, with 10 prizes and one giant grand prize!  Ends on October 15th.  (Also, this Friday 10/10, Alchemy is having a Halloversary sale: 15% off in their etsy store!  Use code "freeship50" for free shipping on orders of $50 or more.)

Boom Shaka Lacquer is also celebrating their one-year blogiversary!  This is yet another mega-giveaway, with 14 different prize packs!  Closes on October 21.

The next few giveaways are all Instagram-only, so if you don't use Instagram, I suggest you get started!  Although most people who host Instagram giveaways don't like to see accounts where over 80% of the posts are for giveaways - meaning that you'll need to post your own original photos in order to qualify.  Hopefully, if you're on mobile, these links will open up for you in the Instagram app.  I'm linking to the original posts, not my reposts, so that you can see the official rules.

First of the Instagram giveaways is from love1nails.  It's a pretty giant giveaway, with several nail polishes and nail art tools!  Open until October 25 at 5 pm EST.  US only.

Next, arita88 is giving away a few polishes and a whole heap of nail art tools.  Closes on October 20.

Darling Diva Polish is giving away two sets of polishes until October 15th.

Gg Couture is hosting another mega-giveaway, with 9 different prize packs, in honor of her 5,000 followers.  Wow, 5,000 is a big number!  This one is running until October 31.

Green Goddess Creations is hosting a pretty awesome giveaway as well.  There are tons of prizes, but only three winners - so winners will get some pretty giant prize packs!  This one ends on October 26.

And finally, Budget Beauty Girl is giving away a mega-pack in honor of her many followers.  This one is open until November 15.

Well, that's all of the giveaways that I'm aware of at this time.  If you're aware of any other giveaways, please feel free to share them in the comments!  If I come across any new ones that end in October, I'll update this post.  Actually, since I tend to find so many giveaways all the time, I'll probably have a monthly mega-post where I list all giveaways ending that month.  Keep an eye out!

Quick note about all of these giveaways: in cases where entries are earned by following an Instagram/Twitter account or by liking a Facebook page, unfollowers are not allowed.  By that, I mean following the page for the giveaway and then unfollowing after the giveaway ends. Unfollowers are often banned from future giveaways.


10/8: Indie maker ALIQUID Lacquer is giving away one full set of her newest collection, which is called "Angel in Hell" and is inspired by the Phantom of the Opera!  This one ends very soon - tomorrow (10/9) at 11:59 pm.  **Sorry for not adding the link when I first updated this post!  That has been remedied and now the link is there.**

Begin Nails is another blogger who is currently celebrating her first blogiversary!  There are four different prize packs in this giveaway, which is running until October 31.

10/9: Fairy Tale Finish Polish  and Sincerely Polish have teamed up for a really fun giveaway!  In addition to simply reposting their giveaway photo, you can earn more entries by posting a picture of a Halloween-themed manicure while holding a piece of paper that says "Sincerely Fairytale Polish #asffhalloweengiveaway."  Ends October 17th!

La Isha  is sponsoring an amazing giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Entries are earned, not by following and Liking pages, but by writing a paragraph about why breast cancer prevention is important to you, your family, and/or your friends.  There will be 25 winners.  This is not a nail polish giveaway - the prize is a bottle of La Isha's Breast SOS serum - but because breast cancer sucks so much and because it's been in my family, I wanted to share this with you.  Open until 10/31.

10/10: This is more of a raffle than a giveaway, but it's incredibly amazing.  Blogger The Jedi Wife has set up a campaign called Lacquer for Life: "community-wide effort to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention."  Donating to Lacquer for Life gains you entries for the raffle - there are no entries gained for Liking a Facebook page or for following any other accounts.  The more you donate, the more entries you get.  Maybe you're lucky enough to never have lost anyone to suicide, or to never have contemplated it yourself, but this is a hugely important cause and I encourage you to donate.  The prize pack is HUGE, with 30 nail polishes from almost as many indie makers, and a few nail art tools as well.  The raffle ends on 10/13, but you can always donate to the AFSP at any time.

10/19: Peachy Polish is celebrating her second blogiversary with a really fun set of 7 giveaways in 7 days.  Today is actually the last day, but each giveaway is open for 7 days - meaning there's still a few hours left to enter the very first one!  Most of the giveaways are international, though some have a few country restrictions and a few are US only.  A few of them also have multiple winners!  The final giveaway ends on October 26.

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