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Kate's Nailing It is a hobby blog where I share reviews of nail polishes, swatches of nail polishes, nail art designs, and the occasional nail care tips and tricks.  (Get it?  French tips because French manicures, and American advice because I'm an American and I sometimes give advice!)  I'll generally make a new post about once a week.  There may be weeks where I post two times, and there may be weeks when I fail to make a proper post for a while and then post a bunch of times in a row.

Most manicures that you see on this blog will be painted over two coats of Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails and two coats of ORLY Bonder base coat.  I will almost always use two coats of INM Out The Door top coat.  If I ever do anything different, I'll say so in the post.  (Sometimes I'll have three coats of Hard As Nails, but that doesn't make much of a difference for the manicure that you'll see.  If I use three coats it's because I went a few days with colorless nails.)

If a nail art design I do is ever inspired by another person, I will always credit that person and, whenever possible, provide a link to their original work.  If you notice a similarity that I didn't credit, please let me know and I will remedy the situation.  All manicures posted on this blog, unless stated otherwise, are my own work. 

I do not claim to have made any of the polishes you'll see here.  They are all either commercial brands (like Revlon, Zoya, Sally Hansen, etc) or independent brands (like Twisted Colors, ALIQUID Lacquer, Reverie Nail Lacquer, etc).

Neither I nor this blog are in any way sponsored, endorsed, or supported by any organization or company.  I will never accept money or products in exchange for a positive review.  (An honest review, yes, but I will never promise to say a certain thing before receiving a product.)  The opinions you read on Kate's Nailing It are solely my own, and they are all merely opinions.  Even if disappointed by a product, I will always strive to use kind language and avoid sounding unprofessional or immature.

The font used as the watermark in photos of my nails is called Rock and Roll Street.  It was designed by dcoxy and can be found on 1001freefonts.com.  I downloaded this font under a Personal Use License Agreement; I do not intend to make any money off of this font or off of images containing the font.

I designed the logo you see on the Facebook Page and YouTube Channel associated with this blog.  Any resemblance to another logo, commercial or other, is purely coincidental and should not be taken as plagiarism.  The font in the logo is also Rock and Roll Street. 

I am the same person as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube users swagglebutt; Deviant Art user Insaniac1126; and Facebook page Kate's Nailing It.  If you recognize any of my photos on any other account that does not credit me properly, please let me know and I will take the necessary steps to see the post either removed or given proper credit.  I encourage the sharing of my photos, so as long as the watermark does not get removed, and as long as sharers mention my name or my blog in their post, it is absolutely fine for my photos to be posted outside of the above accounts.

My camera is a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS.  I take all photos myself and will always state otherwise if someone else takes the photo for me.  I very, very slightly edit the photos using Apple iPhoto software; editing is mostly done to make sure that the highlights aren't too washed out and the shadows aren't too dark.  I'll never over saturate, under saturate, or manipulate the color to change the look of the nail polish or my skin; I want the photos to look as accurate to life as possible.  I add the watermark using Adobe PhotoShop CS3.  (Why do I not do all cropping and editing in Photoshop, you may ask?  The answer is twofold: one, because I have very limited Photoshop skills and have a hard time figuring things out; two, because the version of Photoshop I have is in French, and I don't speak French, so it's virtually impossible for me to browse around and acquaint myself with the software.  You don't even want to know how long it took me create my logo.)

Well, there we are: the ins, outs, and legal information about Kate's Nailing It.  If you read this whole post, you're either very bored or very concerned that I am not violating any copyright laws.  Either way, I hope you found this helpful and I encourage you to follow my blog to keep up with my posts!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please e-mail Kate at katenailingit@gmail.com.  Be sure that you don't try to email katesnailingit, because even though that is the name of my blog, the e-mail address omits the "s."

Oh, one more thing: a friend on Facebook mentioned that "Kate's Nailing It" could give ah... certain wrong impressions.  At first this frustrated me because a) I don't want people thinking this blog is dirty, and b) because I have a dirty mind and I couldn't believe I'd missed the extra meaning!  But then I remembered my high school theater days, when we would poke each other with a nail and say "hah, I just nailed you!"  And I decided that I'm totally okay with the hidden extra meaning of my blog's name.  So there's that.

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