October 29, 2014

November Giveaway Mega-Post

It may still be October, but a lot of these giveaways end in November, so I decided not to group them in with the October giveaways.  I know that right now this is a very small post, not a mega-post, but I'm sure that this list will grow throughout the month!  (I at least know for sure that there will be one giveaway to add in about two weeks... *coughhintcough*)

Salon Fanatic  has parterned up with OPI to give away 12 of the Infinite Shine polishes, plus base and top coat.  Infinite Shine is a gel effect polish, but doesn't need to be cured under a light!  Giveaway ends November 3.

The Nail Polish Challenge is giving away the full Scream Supreme set by Delush Polish - an amazing seven-polish collection inspired by various plotlines and characters from the show American Horror Story.  I love AHS, and I really really like these polishes!  Ends November 12.   I won this giveaway!!!  Look forward to seeing it on my blog sometime in the next month!


This one is an Instagram giveaway, and nail art is a requirement for entry!  Dazzlings is partnering up with a few other indie polish makers to host a giveaway in order to raise awareness for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - a chronic pain disorder and what's known as an Invisible Illness (meaning one cannot physically see the effects of the disease, unlike with, for instance, the flu).  This isn't a contest where you nail art abilities will be judged - the winner is still going to be picked at random - so don't be shy about it!  Ends 11/14 11/28.

Fab Fatale  is giving away the entire Zoya Wishes collection!  Ends November 18th.  US and Canada only.

Lacquered Geek is giving away two colors from Zoya's Matte Velvet collection: Posh (the red) and Savita (purple).  US only, ends 11/16.

Nail It! is giving away an astonishing 250 prizes of three limited edition polishes and three limited edition glitter toppers from Salon Perfect.  It sounds like these will be the ONLY 250 of these polishes available - so cross your fingers!  Open to US residents only and runs until November 30.

Amanda of Manna's Manis is giving away the entire Zoya Ignite collection!  USA only, ends on November 30th.

Hannah of Dalai Lama's Nails is giving away a full set of all of her personal "can't live without it" nail care items - including a crystal nail file, some nail art brushes, a cuticle oil, and a bottle of Seche Vite top coat.  US only, ends November 16th.

Nail It! Magazine  is giving away another great prize - a 6-piece holiday collection from Gabriel Cosmetics.  US only, ends November 18.  To enter, you must comment on this photo on Facebook, as well as filling out the form in the first link.

F.U.N. Lacquer is giving away a set of their Christmas collection.  This one is being run both on Facebook (through Rafflecopter), and on Instagram.  Which means that there are two prizes!  Oh boy!  Both giveaways end Tuesday, November 25th at midnight (Singapore time - which is 13 hours ahead of EST!).

365 Nail Art is giving away three limited edition Zoya polishes!  I have no idea which ones they are, but because they're Zoya, I want them.  There are very few entries in this giveaway and it ends in nine days (November 25), so get your entries in!

Amy of Amy Loves New Wave is giving away one HUGE grand prize and a second surprise prize in honor of the holidays!  This one actually ends on December 1, but since this is so far the only one I've seen ending in December, I didn't see a point in creating a December "Mega-Post" yet.

Kirby of The Mercurial Magpie is giving away a limited edition polish from Literary Lacquer, in appreciation of her fans.  If you don't already follow her, you should totally check her out!  I basically started this blog when I discovered The Mercurial Magpie and realized that nail blogging isn't just for nail techs and people rich enough to buy every single polish ever made.  End November 24. 

Lit From Within is giving away a set of Clinique's Black Honey set.  It's not strictly a nail polish set - it's a nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, and eyeliner.  US only, ends November 30.

The Plastic Diaries  is conducting their annual reader survey, and at the end of it you can enter for a chance to win $100 via PayPal!  This isn't exactly a nail polish giveaway, but heck, it's coming from a beauty blog so I say it counts.  Besides, even if it didn't come from a beauty blog, it's cash so if you win you can spend it all on nail polish!!! :D  Open until November 30, and it's International as long as you have a PayPal account!

October 20, 2014

LPL Glamghouls Day 20: Spiders and Spiderwebs

Today's challenge theme isn't one I was super excited about, but it ended up being a lot of fun!

I decided to be a bit simpler than with previous challenges, and do roughly the same thing on every nail.  Five different styles of pattern just takes way too long, even for this out-of-work blogger.  But I spiced it up by using a few different colors for my background.  I considered doing a gradient background, but decided that I was too lazy even for that.

So, I used my three favorite Halloweeny colors: PS I Enjoy Acid Pops by Twisted Colors, Ablaze by ORLY, and Hot Tropics by ORLY.  I've used these three in several of the Glamghouls challenges now.  They're all just so bright and fun!

I got a little bit confused on my first three spiderwebs, but definitely didn't feel like starting over, so I just went with it.  Then I watched a few different YouTubers paint on their spiderwebs and realized that I was drawing my curved lines backwards!  I started out using my white Sally Hansen striping poilsh, but it was a bit too gloppy for the small curved lines, so I switched to my white Sally Hansen nail art pen.

Obligatory "my thumbs look cute but don't photograph well with my other fingers" shot

My spiders are also a bit sloppy... I think their bodies are too small for their eight legs.  I started out using my black Sally Hansen nail art pen on my left thumb, but sadly the ink inside just doesn't stay thick - it all ends up pooling somewhere and it gets way too sheer.  So I switched to using my black striping polish, which is a little harder to control in such small detail.  So don't mind my wibbly, lopsided, chunky-legged spiders!

There are only four challenges left this month!  Which one are you most looking forward to?  Let me know in the comments!  I'm excited for candy corn and matching my costume!

October 16, 2014

LPL Glamghouls Day 16: Witches

All right, I missed day 13, which was bats.  I had some business things to attend to during the day, and I also had an important networking event in the evening.  And I didn't think to paint the designs the day before - I was busy swatching the We'll Take the Lot collection that day.  Anyway, nevermind all that, because today is...


Witches day!  Holy crap, these designs took forEVER.  At least three hours.  There's just so much going on here!

At first I thought I'd do the same designs on both hands, like I have previously during this challenge.  But when my left hand started taking for-freaking-ever, I decided to just do plain socks on my right hand.

I used a kajillion different polishes to do all of this, and as before I gathered inspiration from a plethora of different YouTubers.

Those darned thumbs are just too hard to photograph with my other fingers! 

My left thumb was inspired by PackAPunchPolish, and I used Nina Ultra Pro "Black," Zoya "Malia," Zoya "Mitzi," and Sally Girl "Crazy."

The cauldron on my pointer finger was inspired by part of HotPinkZebraPolish's video.  I used Sally Hansen CSM "Trouble Maker" for the background, Finger Paints "Ch-Art-Coal Black" for the cauldron, ORLY "Ablaze" for the fire, and a combination of Sally Hansen "Peace" and Spoiled by Wet n' Wild "Show Me the Money" for the potion bubbles.

The witch face on my middle finger comes from IHaveaCupcake's Halloween monsters video.  Her face is Sephora "Caipi Freeze," her hair is Finger Paints "Monet Money," the buckle on her hat is Zoya "Ziv," the hat stripe is Ch-Art-Coal Black, and her hat is ORLY "Hot Tropics."

I LOVE the bubbly potion on my ring finger, which I borrowed from ArcadiaNailArt.  The background is a mix of Malia, Trouble Maker, and Zoya "Nyssa" - I wanted a murky purple like in the video, but I think I just ended up with a slightly lighter version of Trouble Maker.  The potion bubbles are Twisted Colors "PS I Enjoy Acid Pops" with a thin coat of Show Me The Money on top.

My pinky is pretty simple - a broom, inspired by the same HotPinkZebraPolish video - though I think she did a much better job of it.  By the time I got to my pinky, I was beginning to get impatient with this nail art and I just wanted to be done.  The background is Ablaze, while the broom is made up of Nyssa, OPI "How Great Is Your Dane," and a few stripes of Ch-Art-Coal Black.

My right hand is a lot more simple - just some solid-colored witch socks and shoes.  I still really like them!  From thumb to pinky, I used Spoiled by Wet n'Wild "Green to be Heard," Malia, Mitzi, Crazy, and China Glaze "Happy Go Lucky."  I actually painted all of these colors on top of Black, because originally I thought I'd do striped socks on my right hand - but then I decided that it'd still take way too long.  The shoes are all Ch-Art-Coal Black, and the buckles are all Ziv.

What do you think?  What's your favorite design that I used?  Let me know in the comments!

And as usual, here's the challenge image for you!

October 15, 2014

Twisted Colors: We'll Take The Lot Collection!

If you've been following my Facebook page, you'll know how absolutely excited I've been for this collection to be released.  My first purchase from Twisted Colors, Houses and Horcruxes, was inspired by the Houses of Harry Potter.  We'll Take The Lot is inspired by the candies of Harry Potter, and they are all absolutely fantastic!  There's not much else I can say about this collection aside from reviews, so let's just get right to it!

Twisted Colors: P.S. I Enjoy Acid Pops

Acid Pops has actually already been featured in my blog.  I got this collection about two weeks ago, having ordered it about 5 minutes after the collection was released, so I used this awesome neon green as a background for the ghosts on my left hand on the first day of the LPLGlamghouls challenge.

In the Potter universe, acid pops are something of a novelty candy.  They actually have acid in them which can burn a hole through the tongue!  Which brings us to the neon lime-y green of this polish.  I love it!  A holo polish in a green crelly base, with some medium-sized square glitters, PS I Enjoy Acid Pops is super fun.  (There's no acid in this polish - your nails are safe!)  Application is very easy and smooth, and two coats makes for perfect coverage.

The name of this polish comes from the sixth Harry Potter book, when Professor Dumbledore invites Harry to his office via a note.  The phrase is to let Harry know what the password is - for Harry learned early on that Dumbledore's password is often a type of candy.

I heart macros.

Twisted Colors: Alas, Earwax

Alas, Earwax is inspired by Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - the jelly beans of the wizarding world.  As Ron Weasley tells Harry in the very first book, there are normal flavors like chocolate and coconut, but you also get flavors like liver, grass, and tripe ("George even reckons he ate a bogey-flavored one once!").  In the first book, Dumbledore tells Harry about how he was turned off to the beans when he ate a vomit flavored bean in his youth.  He decides to take one from Harry's bag and - "Alas, earwax!"

Alas, Earwax is an INCREDIBLE glitter bomb.  It's definitely the most dense glitterbomb I've ever owned!  The glitters come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and are in a clear base.  I have three coats on my nails here.  It's actually a little bit too much for my taste - I think I would prefer one or two coats on top of a creme polish.  (Bet you didn't think that was possible for me!)  I wanted to use a creme base for these swatches, but I couldn't decide on a color!  I'm sure this would look great on top of any color.

Application is fairly tricky, which makes sense based on how dense the glitter is.  Rather than swipe the brush over my nail, I had to dab it on.  I'd place a big drop on the base of my nail, and then sort of dab the brush all around my nail in order to get good coverage.  I highly recommend a peel-off base coat if you use this polish, even if you only use one coat of it.  


Twisted Colors: One Good Jump

One Good Jump is inspired by Chocolate Frogs - or, more specifically, their packaging as seen in the movies.  Chocolate frogs are frog-shaped chocolates that have a charm placed on them which actually makes them able to jump around.

Another glitter bomb, this polish has a blue jelly base to match the main color in the candy's packaging.  The glitter colors all come from the packaging - and the chocolate itself!  What else is inspired by the candy?  The polish's smell! That's right, One Good Jump is available with a chocolate scent!  I think this is my first scented polish since I was a little kid.  Surprisingly, the scent doesn't get covered up by a top coat.  I assumed it would, but nope, you can still smell the chocolate even with a normal top coat.

Application of One Good Jump is easier than Alas, Earwax, but it still doesn't spread on as smoothly as Acid Pops or the Houses and Horcruxes collection.  I used sort of a dab-spread motion to get this polish on.  Two coats looks pretty good, but the shade of the jelly and the density of the glitter, as always, look best with three coats.

One awesome thing about this one and Alas, Earwax is that if you smudge your nail when it's still a little bit wet, there's so much glitter going on that you an hardly tell!  I smooshed at least one nail on each hand before I took the pictures for both of these, and I don't see any of that in the photos.  Hooray!

Twisted Colors: Never Loses Its Flavour

Drooble's Best Blowing Gum is the inspiration behind this polish.  It's a bubble gum that lets you blow bubbles that last for days, as well as never losing its flavor - thus the name of the polish.

It is an absolutely beautiful polish!  With an icy-periwinkle blue base and a few different sized glitters, the main feature of Never Loses Its Flavour is the holo glitter.  It is absurdly holographic, and I can't get enough of it!

Application is pretty smooth, though if you want a lot of the larger circle glitters it's a little bit trickier.  But if you're okay with less of the circles, it's very easy to spread on.  The holos are so dense - denser than any of the other holo polishes I own!

Just out of focus enough to see how awesomely holographic it is!
I'm super, super happy with this collection.  I love them all, but if I absolutely HAD to pick a favorite, I think I'd go with Never Loses Its Flavour.  Which one is your favorite?  Are any of them totally not your style?  Let me know in the comments!

October 10, 2014

LPL Glamghouls Day 10: Frankenstein's Monster

Many people know him as "Frankenstein," but they are wrong!  Frankenstein is the doctor/scientist who created  the stitched-up monster that we all know and love.  And what better way to get in the Halloween spirit than to paint him all over my nails?


As with the previous challenges this month, I gathered my inspiration from multiple YouTube videos.  The stitched-up tips on my middle and pinky fingers was inspired by Elleandish/Janelle's video, as was the Bride of Frankenstein nail - though I decided to do a face instead of just one stripe of her hair.  The design for my Frankenstein monster nails were inspired by I Have A Cupcake's monster nail art video.  Well, I guess less inspired by than sort of copied from - but that's okay in the nail art community!


And on my thumbs, I wanted to do another symbol of Frankenstein's monster, so I went with the pegs in his neck.  I'm not sure they turned out very... good... but what the hey, right?  (Why didn't I take a picture of both hands this time?  I dunno.  I did the same pattern on both hands, as I did with the blood nails, but I just didn't feel like taking a picture of both hands.  Rest assured that I did, in fact, paint this challenge on both hands!)

The lighter green is "Green to be Heard" by Wet n' Wild, and the darker green used in the French tips is Finger Paints "Monet Money."  I used my Finger Paints "Ch-art-coal Black" striping polish for all of the black (though I dipped my dotting tool in it for the eyes), and the whites of their eyes is China Glaze "White on White."  Bride's face is China Glaze "Innocence," and the grey for the pegs is China Glaze "Intelligence, Integrity, and Courage" from The Giver collection.  (There's one polish that I definitely did NOT buy for the name - I can never remember it!  I needed a grey creme and that one was there.)

The best part about this manicure is that I watched the Frankenstein-y episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while I painted it! :)

As always, here's the challenge image for you in case you don't have it saved or if you're just now hearing about it:

What are you looking forward to next?  Let me know in the comments!  I can't wait for candy corn on the 22nd!!

October 8, 2014

October Giveaway Mega-Post!

Hey friends!

This post is a bit different from what I normally post - it doesn't count as American Advice or any kind of nail art.  I follow a bajillion different indie nail polish makers and nail/beauty bloggers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Many of the wonderful people that I follow share giveaways of nail polish, nail art tools, nail health products, and beauty products!  Basically, every time I find a new giveaway, it leads me to another blogger, who leads me to another giveaway, which leads me to another blogger... it's a really fun, endless cycle!

I share some of these giveaways on my Facebook page, but I decided to throw all of the current giveaways into one big blog post for you guys!


This first one ends in just a few hours - tonight (10/8) at midnight - so if you're interested, hurry up and enter!  Lucky 13 Lacquer is hosting a Trick or Treat giveaway.  There are two prizes: one is a treat, with nail polish and "nail care goodies," while the other box is a trick consisting of "good-natured fun and tricks (it even has a nail polish! With some assembly required)."  Both prizes are already boxed and packaged in identical boxes, so even the host doesn't know which winner will get which prize!  Sounds like fun! 

Next up is from Shelby Lou Nails, who is celebrating her blog's one-year anniversary!  Congratulations, Shelby!  Her giveaway includes three different prizes - which means three winners!  That always makes me happy.  It's running until November 1 (I think that's right - it's going for another 24 days as of October 8) and there are several ways to enter.

Third we have Femme Fatale Cosmetics' HUGE giveaway, celebrating their THIRD year in business.  Three years, wow!  There are forty prizes in this giveaway - meaning forty winners - and it's running until October 31.  With so many prizes, there are tons of different ways to enter.

Next is Cosmetic Sanctuary, who has teamed up with KBShimmer in honor of the fall season.  In addition to a few nail polish colors and nail art tools, this giveaway includes several lotions, bath bombs, soaps, and even more!  Enter by October 19th.

Alchemy Lacquers is hosting a 1st Halloversary (Halloween+Anniversary) giveaway - another mega one, with 10 prizes and one giant grand prize!  Ends on October 15th.  (Also, this Friday 10/10, Alchemy is having a Halloversary sale: 15% off in their etsy store!  Use code "freeship50" for free shipping on orders of $50 or more.)

Boom Shaka Lacquer is also celebrating their one-year blogiversary!  This is yet another mega-giveaway, with 14 different prize packs!  Closes on October 21.

The next few giveaways are all Instagram-only, so if you don't use Instagram, I suggest you get started!  Although most people who host Instagram giveaways don't like to see accounts where over 80% of the posts are for giveaways - meaning that you'll need to post your own original photos in order to qualify.  Hopefully, if you're on mobile, these links will open up for you in the Instagram app.  I'm linking to the original posts, not my reposts, so that you can see the official rules.

First of the Instagram giveaways is from love1nails.  It's a pretty giant giveaway, with several nail polishes and nail art tools!  Open until October 25 at 5 pm EST.  US only.

Next, arita88 is giving away a few polishes and a whole heap of nail art tools.  Closes on October 20.

Darling Diva Polish is giving away two sets of polishes until October 15th.

Gg Couture is hosting another mega-giveaway, with 9 different prize packs, in honor of her 5,000 followers.  Wow, 5,000 is a big number!  This one is running until October 31.

Green Goddess Creations is hosting a pretty awesome giveaway as well.  There are tons of prizes, but only three winners - so winners will get some pretty giant prize packs!  This one ends on October 26.

And finally, Budget Beauty Girl is giving away a mega-pack in honor of her many followers.  This one is open until November 15.

Well, that's all of the giveaways that I'm aware of at this time.  If you're aware of any other giveaways, please feel free to share them in the comments!  If I come across any new ones that end in October, I'll update this post.  Actually, since I tend to find so many giveaways all the time, I'll probably have a monthly mega-post where I list all giveaways ending that month.  Keep an eye out!

Quick note about all of these giveaways: in cases where entries are earned by following an Instagram/Twitter account or by liking a Facebook page, unfollowers are not allowed.  By that, I mean following the page for the giveaway and then unfollowing after the giveaway ends. Unfollowers are often banned from future giveaways.


10/8: Indie maker ALIQUID Lacquer is giving away one full set of her newest collection, which is called "Angel in Hell" and is inspired by the Phantom of the Opera!  This one ends very soon - tomorrow (10/9) at 11:59 pm.  **Sorry for not adding the link when I first updated this post!  That has been remedied and now the link is there.**

Begin Nails is another blogger who is currently celebrating her first blogiversary!  There are four different prize packs in this giveaway, which is running until October 31.

10/9: Fairy Tale Finish Polish  and Sincerely Polish have teamed up for a really fun giveaway!  In addition to simply reposting their giveaway photo, you can earn more entries by posting a picture of a Halloween-themed manicure while holding a piece of paper that says "Sincerely Fairytale Polish #asffhalloweengiveaway."  Ends October 17th!

La Isha  is sponsoring an amazing giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Entries are earned, not by following and Liking pages, but by writing a paragraph about why breast cancer prevention is important to you, your family, and/or your friends.  There will be 25 winners.  This is not a nail polish giveaway - the prize is a bottle of La Isha's Breast SOS serum - but because breast cancer sucks so much and because it's been in my family, I wanted to share this with you.  Open until 10/31.

10/10: This is more of a raffle than a giveaway, but it's incredibly amazing.  Blogger The Jedi Wife has set up a campaign called Lacquer for Life: "community-wide effort to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention."  Donating to Lacquer for Life gains you entries for the raffle - there are no entries gained for Liking a Facebook page or for following any other accounts.  The more you donate, the more entries you get.  Maybe you're lucky enough to never have lost anyone to suicide, or to never have contemplated it yourself, but this is a hugely important cause and I encourage you to donate.  The prize pack is HUGE, with 30 nail polishes from almost as many indie makers, and a few nail art tools as well.  The raffle ends on 10/13, but you can always donate to the AFSP at any time.

10/19: Peachy Polish is celebrating her second blogiversary with a really fun set of 7 giveaways in 7 days.  Today is actually the last day, but each giveaway is open for 7 days - meaning there's still a few hours left to enter the very first one!  Most of the giveaways are international, though some have a few country restrictions and a few are US only.  A few of them also have multiple winners!  The final giveaway ends on October 26.

October 7, 2014

LPL Glamghouls Day 7: Jack O' Lanterns

It's October 7th!  Know what that means?  It's one day until my four-year anniversary with my boyfriend, for one thing.  But this post is about what's today - the next design for the Laidback Polish Lovers October nail art challenge!

Today's challenge is another classic symbol of October and Halloween season: Jack O'Lanterns!


Doing today's challenge made me realize that my orange nail polish is severely limited.  I only have five orange polishes, and only two of them are cremes!  Looks like I have some buying to do! ;)  The one I decided to use is Sally Girl "Crazy," a mini so small that I think I pretty much used up the whole bottle in this one manicure!

I didn't quite feel like drawing faces on all ten nails, so I used a bunch of different YouTube videos for inspiration.  My right hand was inspired by Totally Cool Nails' video, though I didn't feel like doing a French tip on every nail.  I especially like the scary monster face on my ring finger. :)

I LOVE these three!  This look was inspired by My Simple Little Pleasures' video, and the thumb and pinky on my left hand were inspired by MissGlamasaurus1's video.  The basic jack o' lantern faces were inspired by cutepolish's Halloween guide - I expect I'll have that one linked in just about all of these challenge posts!

My white and black polishes are the same as always: China Glaze "White on White" and Nina Ultra Pro "Black."  Though I did also use my Finger Paints "Ch-art-coal Black" striping polish, and I also tried using my Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art pen in black.  (The pen didn't work so well for me - I find it easier to paint with my left hand than to draw!)

Once again, here's the challenge image for you:

Are any of you participating in this?  Which design are you most excited to do (or see me do)?  Let me know in the comments!

October 4, 2014

October Laid Back Nail Art Challenge Day 4: Blood!

I wasn't super excited about the timing of this design - I've been out of town visiting with my boyfriend's family, so I painted my nails on Friday.  Which means, of course, that I've been sporting this look all weekend.  That's not exactly a problem for me, except that it just felt weird to have blood-themed nails, with the black-and-red thing, when I'm seeing the boyfriend's parents.  It's just that the whole blood and black and red thing brings me back to my semi-emo middle school days, when my family lamented the fact that I liked wearing black nail polish and asked me why I didn't wear the blue nail polish more often.

Anyway, that all isn't too big of a deal because I'm not wearing the black nail polish so I can feel deep and brooding like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  Just like with the ghosts, I didn't want to have the same pattern on every nail, plus I figured I'd feel even weirder about having drippy-blood nails around my boyfriend's parents.  So I compromised and did a little of both!

The French tips on my ring and pointer fingers are inspired by Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because I still adore that show.

My thumb and pinky were inspired by this cutepolish video, although I made it more interesting by using 3D fabric paint for the dripping blood!  I'm not sure how well you can tell based on the photos, but I think it's a pretty awesome effect.  My middle fingers were inspired by this video that a friend shared on my Facebook wall, though it didn't turn out very well on my left hand.

My black polish is Nina Ultra Pro "Black," the white is China Glaze "White on White," the red is Sally Hansen CSM "Red My Lips," and the black glitter polish is China Glaze "Lubu Heels."

I had fun with this design, but I'm definitely looking forward to Jack-O-Lanterns on the 7th and Candy Corn on the 22nd!!  In case you want to see it again, here's the challenge image:

P.S. I'm sorry if this blog post reads differently than usual.  I sort of wrote this post in a hurry before we went out to dinner, and my priority was editing the photos and placing the necessary links!

October 1, 2014

Laidback Polish Lovers October Nail Art Challenge Day 1: Ghosts!

Recently, while browsing the nail polish community on reddit, I came across a nail art challenge for the month of October.  I've never taken part in a nail art challenge before, largely because painting my nails every day for a month sounds exhausting!  But this one is a "laid back" challenge, with 3 days between manicures, so I decided to give it a go!  Here's the original image detailing the challenge:

I just want to note how awesome it is that #10 is Frankenstein's Monster, not just Frankenstein.  That's
a pet peeve of mine!

Apparently Laidback Polish Lovers is a Facebook group, but unfortunately I can't find it, not even through Google.  If any of my readers know how I can find this group, please let me know!

Anyway, as today is October 1, here's my ghost nail art!


I decided to mix it up a bit, and not do only white ghosts on top of black.  The green you see on my left hand is Twisted Colors' "P.S. I Enjoy Acid Pops," a color from the We'll Take The Lot collection that I've been waiting for!  My order of the whole collection came in today, and I decided to use it as a background for some of my ghosties.  (You'll see the color swatched with the rest of the collection in the next week or so!)


I used a lot of different nail art tutorials as inspiration for my ghost shapes - including ones by Naileditnz, SaraBeautyCorner, and BeautifulYouTV.  The white I used is China Glaze "White on White."


The face on my middle finger is based off of Ghostface from Scream!  I like these multicolored little guys.  I think they kinda turned out like the ghosts in PacMan!  My black polish is Nina Ultra Pro "Black."  From left to right, the ghost colors are Sephora "Pink Bikini," ORLY "Saturated," Sephora "Caipi Freeze," and ORLY "Ablaze."  (The Sephora colors are part of a mini collection, called "Paint Rio in Neon.")


Here's a closeup of my thumbs, since you can hardly see them in the picture of both hands.  The one on my right hand is actually 3D - I used Scribbles 3D fabric paint to draw on the face, then painted over it.  I think it really makes the ghost face pop!  And I like the little guy on my left thumb - I think he looks like he's singing. :)

I had a ton of fun with this manicure and I'm super stoked to paint the rest of the challenges!  If you choose to partake, even in just one of the challenges, be sure to include the hashtag #LPLGlamghouls in your social media posts!  Which design are you most excited for?  Let me know in the comments!