October 10, 2014

LPL Glamghouls Day 10: Frankenstein's Monster

Many people know him as "Frankenstein," but they are wrong!  Frankenstein is the doctor/scientist who created  the stitched-up monster that we all know and love.  And what better way to get in the Halloween spirit than to paint him all over my nails?


As with the previous challenges this month, I gathered my inspiration from multiple YouTube videos.  The stitched-up tips on my middle and pinky fingers was inspired by Elleandish/Janelle's video, as was the Bride of Frankenstein nail - though I decided to do a face instead of just one stripe of her hair.  The design for my Frankenstein monster nails were inspired by I Have A Cupcake's monster nail art video.  Well, I guess less inspired by than sort of copied from - but that's okay in the nail art community!


And on my thumbs, I wanted to do another symbol of Frankenstein's monster, so I went with the pegs in his neck.  I'm not sure they turned out very... good... but what the hey, right?  (Why didn't I take a picture of both hands this time?  I dunno.  I did the same pattern on both hands, as I did with the blood nails, but I just didn't feel like taking a picture of both hands.  Rest assured that I did, in fact, paint this challenge on both hands!)

The lighter green is "Green to be Heard" by Wet n' Wild, and the darker green used in the French tips is Finger Paints "Monet Money."  I used my Finger Paints "Ch-art-coal Black" striping polish for all of the black (though I dipped my dotting tool in it for the eyes), and the whites of their eyes is China Glaze "White on White."  Bride's face is China Glaze "Innocence," and the grey for the pegs is China Glaze "Intelligence, Integrity, and Courage" from The Giver collection.  (There's one polish that I definitely did NOT buy for the name - I can never remember it!  I needed a grey creme and that one was there.)

The best part about this manicure is that I watched the Frankenstein-y episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while I painted it! :)

As always, here's the challenge image for you in case you don't have it saved or if you're just now hearing about it:

What are you looking forward to next?  Let me know in the comments!  I can't wait for candy corn on the 22nd!!

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