January 30, 2015

Holy Late Posts, Batman: New Year's Eve 2014

I have been SO lazy when it comes to editing photos and writing blog posts!  Boo!

For New Year's Eve this (last?) year, I decided to go with the classic black and gold, and add a touch of silver.  I also decided to pick up on the 3D trend and use some little studs on my nails!

The black I used is Nina Ultra Pro "Black," and the silver and gold are Zoya "Trixie" and "Ziv," respectively.

The design ended up looking a little more stripe-y than I'd hoped; what I wanted was a half-moon-and-French mani.  But my half-moons ended up a lot thicker than I wanted.  Eh... oh well!

I'm not very happy with the quality of these pictures.  I took them hurriedly on my phone, without setting up my usual lamp and white pillowcase background.  Believe me when I say that I will not allow such sub-par photos on my blog any more. :)

What was your NYE style?  Did you go glitzy or chic?  Let me know (or show me) in the comments!