Kate's Collection

Curious as to how many nail polishes I own?  Want to figure out what my favorite brand or color is but don't feel like asking?  Want to feel jealous of the size of my collection or laugh at me for having so many bottles?

Click here to see a super nerdy spreadsheet of my entire collection!

I have it organized first by brand name, then by polish name.  Color family, texture, and collection are listed, but not in any particular order.  And I note which polishes I've swatched and reviewed on the blog, just so I can keep track of what I've done.

The wishlist at the bottom is threefold: mainly, so I can keep track of the polishes I covet; partly so it's super simple to share with my relatives who buy me birthday and Christmas presents; and also just in case I ever do a polish exchange with anyone.

I mainly made this chart for myself, to keep track of which polishes I have, but it's pretty nerdycool so I figured I'd share it with you, my wonderful blog readers.

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