October 7, 2014

LPL Glamghouls Day 7: Jack O' Lanterns

It's October 7th!  Know what that means?  It's one day until my four-year anniversary with my boyfriend, for one thing.  But this post is about what's today - the next design for the Laidback Polish Lovers October nail art challenge!

Today's challenge is another classic symbol of October and Halloween season: Jack O'Lanterns!


Doing today's challenge made me realize that my orange nail polish is severely limited.  I only have five orange polishes, and only two of them are cremes!  Looks like I have some buying to do! ;)  The one I decided to use is Sally Girl "Crazy," a mini so small that I think I pretty much used up the whole bottle in this one manicure!

I didn't quite feel like drawing faces on all ten nails, so I used a bunch of different YouTube videos for inspiration.  My right hand was inspired by Totally Cool Nails' video, though I didn't feel like doing a French tip on every nail.  I especially like the scary monster face on my ring finger. :)

I LOVE these three!  This look was inspired by My Simple Little Pleasures' video, and the thumb and pinky on my left hand were inspired by MissGlamasaurus1's video.  The basic jack o' lantern faces were inspired by cutepolish's Halloween guide - I expect I'll have that one linked in just about all of these challenge posts!

My white and black polishes are the same as always: China Glaze "White on White" and Nina Ultra Pro "Black."  Though I did also use my Finger Paints "Ch-art-coal Black" striping polish, and I also tried using my Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art pen in black.  (The pen didn't work so well for me - I find it easier to paint with my left hand than to draw!)

Once again, here's the challenge image for you:

Are any of you participating in this?  Which design are you most excited to do (or see me do)?  Let me know in the comments!

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