March 27, 2016

Easter nail art

Happy Easter, everybody!  Woohoo, bonus blog post for the week!

Last year, Ellagee hosted an amazing collaboration with 15 other indie polish makers for Easter, called the Indie Bunny Mani Box.  It was filled with bunches of nail polish, both full-sized and mini; some nail butter; nail polish remover; latex mani mask; nail care tools; and, of course, candy!  I was super excited to get mine, and I'm super excited to bring out those polishes for another awesome Easter mani.  (Last year's was a bit more last-minute and thrown together, but also very nice!)

This year, armed with some chevron nail vinyls from KB Shimmer, I decided to do one Easter egg-esque stripey nail paired with one nail of each of the colors I used, topped with one of the unique glitters from the box.


From thumb to pinky, the colors are: Monster Polish Oh For Peep's Sake!, Above the Curve Nail Polish Rockin' Robin, Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Kaffir Lily, and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Queen Lime Rose Zinnia on my pinkie.  My ring finger of course, has all four colors.  The glitter topper is Sweet Heart Polish Sprinkles!, and I like it a lot.  I think the colored glitters get a little lost on top of Oh For Peep's Sake, but they pop super well over the other colors.
**All of the polishes used in this manicure were limited editions for the Bunny Mani Box, so I don't have links to the products as I usually do.  I have linked to each indie shop, so definitely check them out!**

Rockin' Robin has some really nice blue flakies in it, like the speckles on a robin's egg, but they definitely got lost underneath Sprinkles.

Of course, all of these being holographic nail polishes, indoor lighting just doesn't do them justice.  Lucky for your viewing pleasure, the sun finally came out and I was able to capture the polish in all of their holographic glory!

I don't know if you can quite tell in this photo, but the holo shimmer in Queen Lime Rose Zinna is very pink.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  And I'm guessing that's where it gets its name - the base is lime-y green, and the shimmer is rose-y pink!

This closeup definitely shows the holo shimmers best for indoor lighting. 
This mani was a lot of fun!  I'm really digging my indie glitters lately, which is making me happy.  For a while I kind of stopped wanting to wear any glitter because it's such a pain to remove.  But next week, you'll get to see why I've changed my mind - so stay tuned! ;)

What did you don on your nails for Easter?  If you don't celebrate, what did you have on your nails this weekend?  Let me know (or show me) in the comments!

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