April 5, 2015

Easter Nails - then and now!

Hoppy Easter, every bunny! :D

I have some quick nail art for you tonight!  I've been a bit lazy with painting my nails lately - long story short, I'm apartment hunting and learning to crochet, so my nails are taking the back seat right now.  I'm still trying really hard to post something once a week, though!

Anyway, since I didn't spend a whole afternoon painting special Easter egg nails like I did last year, I did something a bit more quick this year.  I've had this half sheet of Jamberry nail wraps sitting around for ages, and every time I look at them I just think "These look too Easter-y for today."  So bam! I finally used them in an Easter mani! 

I have TONS of awesome springy polishes from my Bunny Box, and it took a while to narrow it down to only three to match the wraps!  I finally settled on He Doesn't Carrot All by Digital Nails (the pink), Purple Peep-le Eaters by Firecracker Lacquer (the purple), and Eggstra Special by Smokey Mountain Lacquers (the blue).  (All of these polishes were made specially for the Bunny Box collaboration, so I don't have a link to each polish for you!  The Jamberry wraps are also no longer available in the shop.)
I definitely put a lot more effort into my Easter nails last year - take a look!

My nails are actually pretty close to the length that they were one year ago!  I had two nails break REALLY badly a few weeks ago, so I chopped them all off, and decided that I liked them a bit shorter.  I'm not so sure now, I think I want to keep them longer again!

Did any of you do a special Easter mani this year?  What are your favorite Easter traditions?  Let me know in the comments!

PS - if you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate it if you took my survey!  I want to know what you think of the blog, how you interact with it on social media, and some other various details.  It should only take about 5-8 minutes!

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