September 3, 2014

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly: Harper and Wendy

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Zoya recently had a Buy One Get One Free sale on ALL of their summer colors to celebrate the end of summer.  I took advantage and celebrated the end of summer by buying two of the pinks from their Tickled and Bubbly collections: Wendy and Harper!  There isn't really much more I can say as an intro here, so let's get right to the swatches!

Zoya Tickled: Wendy

Wendy is a great pink creme polish.  Application, as always with Zoya's polishes, is really nice.  Two coats is perfect.  The formula is not too thin, not too thick, and any missed spots in your first coat will even out nicely on the second coat.

Somehow, the upload sort of washed out the colors here.  This looks like a coral on my monitor, but it's really much more pink in person.
It's such a bright, happy shade of pink!  It reminds me of cotton candy and other yummy pink candies.

Zoya Bubble: Harper

Harper is a vibrant pink glitter polish, very similar to Muse, which is no surprise since they're from the same collection.  Harper doesn't have the same colorshift that Muse has in different lighting, though - it's always a bright, happy pink.  Two coats is perfect for full coverage, but you could go to three for more sparkle.  (I actually didn't this time - can you believe it?!)

The upload washed out the colors on this one, too!  It's a bit brighter than this in person, and there's more gold in the sparkles.
Application is great - I feel like I should just stop saying that for Zoya polishes and only mention application if it's not good!

If you know me personally, or if you've read my post on Muse, you'll know that I have an addiction to blue and therefore might be a little surprised that I ordered two pink colors instead of two new blue ones.  Well, I was a little surprised at myself too!  But my nail polish collection is a little bit lacking in the pink department, and my summer wardrobe actually has a lot of pink in it, so I decided to go with these lovely ladies.

Harper and Wendy pair together perfectly.  Wendy looks great with a Harper French tip, chevron, or full coverage - and vice versa.  I played around with painting them over each other and they look great!  I didn't take pictures of that, though, because frankly I didn't feel like it.  "Muse", however, doesn't look that great on top of either of these.  Zoya "Robyn" looks quite nice, though!  ("Ling" is the blue creme paired with Muse, but I decided not to get it as I have several bright blue cremes already.  Robyn is very similar to Ling!)

What are your favorite shades from Tickled and Bubbly?  Let me know in the comments!

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