September 8, 2014

Reverie Nail Lacquer: Nightfall

Remember from my post on Andromeda and Mermaid Scales how I said that Reverie threw in a mini bottle of polish that wasn't in the store?  As it turns out, it was a sneak peak at their 2014 fall collection!  I felt super special, and wanted to be sure to swatch it before the collection was released!  So let's get to it!

Nightfall is a gorgeous purple holographic polish.  The sparkles have a green tint to them.  Not in a weird, puke-y green way, and not in a Barney the dinosaur way, but in a beautiful, shimmery kind of way!  It looks so elegant.  In some lighting, it almost has a taupe-ish hue to it.  (Between Mermaid Scales and Nightfall, I think I'm a little obsessed with holos and now I want them ALL.)  Unfortunately, my stupid camera wouldn't capture the green very well, and the Universe didn't play nice and give me a sunny day today.

Nightfall is not as sheer as Mermaid Scales.  Two coats looked great, but it was still a liiiittle bit sheer for my taste, so I went up to three coats.

The focus is bad on this one, but it helps to show off the rainbow effect of the holo.
I wish it also showed off the green tint!

On my left ring finger, I used one coat of Sally Hansen CSM "Trouble Maker" as a base coat, and only two coats of Nightfall.  I adore it!  It helps to bring out the purple in the holo, yet also brings out the rainbow shimmer effect.  I think I wish I only used one coat of Nightfall.  Trouble Maker shows through pretty well in the photo, but in person it's masked a little too hard.

On my left pointer finger, I tried using a coat of Nina Ultra Pro "Black" as a base, and I wasn't crazy about the effect.  It sort of brings out the green in the holo, which is kind of nice, but I definitely prefer either no base color or purple.  In this picture, it looks pretty neat and galaxy-like, but it's a bit... weirder in person.

Reverie's fall collection will be available for preorder this weekend, Friday September 12th through Sunday the 14th; its official release date is Saturday the 27th.  Check out Reverie's Facebook page and their shop!  I really really want Lagoon from this collection - but thanks to my recent polish-buying embargo, I'll just have to work out extra hard if I want to buy it!  (Though I DO have a birthday sort of coming up... *wink*)  What are your favorites from the collection?  Scroll through Reverie's Facebook page, or check out The Mercurial Magpie's review, to see the polishes and let me know!

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