September 30, 2014

Fall-colored Retro Dots

Before I started this blog, I always posted my nail art designs to a Facebook photo album to share them with my family and friends.  One design that was a HUGE hit turned out to me one of my favorites to paint, a rather retro-looking lines-and-dots design.  I originally did it in neon-lime green with the design in black and white:

This is five months ago - my nails were so much shorter and less nicely shaped!!
That green is Zoya "Mitzi."

My friends were really excited about this pattern, and I said back then that I might make a tutorial video for it some time.  I tried once, but was disappointed in my camera's video capabilities.  You see, as a filmmaker, I'm rather committed to producing high-quality audio and video.  While my camera creates great photos, it's really not very good for video.  The largest possible size that I can record at is only 640x480 pixels.  (I think my cell phone takes higher quality video than that!)

But, as a nail blogger and a nail art enthusiast, I really wanted to make at least this one tutorial video.  So I gritted my teeth and bared with the low quality video and the mostly-decent audio.

So without further ado, I present to you my very first nail art tutorial video!  Watch it embedded here or view it on YouTube here.

This time, I decided to use some fall colors for the design.  I used OPI "How Great Is Your Dane?" for the background, Nina Ultra Pro "Gladiator" for the gold, and Sally Hansen CSM "Hi Ho Silver" for the silver.  The song in the background is called "Learn to Fly," and it's by a good internet-friend of mine, Josh Woodward.

Because I'm not crazy about my matte top coat - it chips and cracks within 24 hours - I only used it on my middle finger for the sake of photos.  But I really like how this design looks in matte, no matter the color scheme.  I think it makes it look like wallpaper from the 70s!


In general, this design looks best when the textures of the accent colors match - whether they're both cremes or both metallics.


I had a lot of fun creating this design - you'll likely see it on this blog again, perhaps in next season's colors!  I also had fun making the video.  You just might see me making more tutorial videos.  Maybe.  Keep reading my posts and my Facebook page to find out if I make more! ;)


  1. This is such a cute design and I really like the matte finger! I lol'ed at the 'derp' in the video, too, haha!

    1. I'm not surprised that you like the matte ;) I really like it too, but I need to find a matte top coat that doesn't crack the moment it dries!

  2. Your retro lime/white/black is still one of my all-time faves. I love your video! Great job! I also loved your derp. And the sped-up Futurama audio was a nice touch. :D

    1. Yeah, I like the lime/white/black color combo a ton as well! I felt the need to be seasonally appropriate, though. :)