July 2, 2016

Independence Day Nail Art

Happy Independence Day Weekend, everybody!  And happy regular weekend to my non-American readers ;)

The Fourth of July was the very first time I tried my hand at nail art - you can see my 100% freehand, no-tools flag design in last year's post.  Ever since then, I've enjoyed playing with different designs to celebrate the holiday.

This year's design is inspired by Jamberry's wrap design  Black and White Quad.  I've been doing abstract designs for the past two years, and I kind of wanted to stick with that.  I'm also really proud of how not-yellow my nails are right now, so I wanted to show them off with a bit of naked nail art!

The colors I used are the same as always for the 4th: OPI An Affair in Red Square, China Glaze Blue Iguana, and Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver.  My bottle of An Affair in Red Square is quite old and I didn't add enough polish thinner to it - so it was actually really hard to get even coverage across the tips of my nails.  It was so thick and gloopy that even with two coats of fast-dry top coat, plus a few coats of Zoya's quick-dry drops, AND washing my hands a few times in cold water, it was still wet enough to get dinged and smooshed after a few hours!  It may be time to retire this beauty :'(

So, after I'd painted the silver base on my left hand, I was suddenly struck with inspiration to use my Crackle polishes.  I tested the idea out on my right ring finger and I liked it so much that I went a little crazy with different combinations!

My silver crackle is Sally Hansen Fractured Foil, while the blue is OPI Turquoise Shatter.  I used the same red, blue, and silver underneath the crackles and decided to see what crackle looks like over naked nail because why not?  I think my favorite look on this hand, especially for the Fourth of July, is my ring finger.

What do you think of this mixed mani nail art?  Which style is your favorite?  Got any exciting plans for the holiday?  Let me know in the comments!

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