September 16, 2015

Do I Need Them All? Zoya Mikka, Shivon, and Haven vs Julep Elle

Welcome to this month's edition of Do I Need Them All!  Since it's September, I thought I would start looking at deeper, more autumn-y colors.  Today we'll be looking at four purples: Zoya Mikka, Haven, and Shivon, and Julep Elle.  All of these polishes are at least a year old, but they're all lovely purples that are perfect for this time of year!

From left to right is Elle, Mikka, Haven, and then Shivon.  As always with this series, I have the polishes in the same order on my nails from pointer to pinkie fingers.

As you can see, Shivon is on an entirely different page than the rest of these shades.  It's not as deeply purple as the other three, but I figured it was close enough that it should be included in this post, anyway.  Once you get it on the nail, it's a very rosy purple with flashes of gold, while the other three colors are much more purple and less colorshifty.

These polishes all photographed pretty horribly; no matter what I tried, they just came out looking brownish or blackened.  I did the best I could to edit the photos for color accuracy, but they're still a little bit off.  I know Elle, Mikka, and Haven all look pretty much identical in this photo.  There are some subtle differences between the three in person that you'll just have to take my word on.  Be sure to check out the linked store pages for the companies' photos!

Elle and Mikka are similar enough that I think it's safe to say that they're dupes.  Mikka is perhaps a touch more reddish, but barely.  They look the most identical in the bottle as well: they both have a silver shimmer to them, while Haven glistens with a brighter orchid purple.  Between Elle and Mikka, my personal favorite is Elle.

So, Do I Need Them All?  Not really!  Shivon definitely stands out from the other three, but if you only want one deep purple metallic, you'll be happy with Elle, Mikka, or Haven.  Haven's orchid tones make it stand out from Elle and Mikka, but as for the latter two, I would recommend choosing one or the other.

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