June 16, 2015

Ellagee: Glimmering Sapphire

Oh my gosh, this post has been sitting around in my Drafts section for months!  I think I need to start double-checking my drafts section more often!

Ever since I got a new car back in October, I've been on a quest to find a nail polish that matches it.  Because, why not?  It's a beautiful sparkly dark blue and, since I'm a nerd, I named it the TARDIS.  (My previous two cars were silver and light blue, so they were the Millennium Falcon and R2D2, respectively.)

On my quest to find a matching polish, I've come across a few that look pretty close, but Glimmering Sapphire by Ellagee looked the best online!  It's a bit more sparkly and glossy than my car (although she might just need a wash), but it's a pretty darned close match.

The formula of Glimmering Sapphire was kind of on the goopy side.  It was thick, and I found that shaking it after every couple of nails made it easier to work with.  But my polishes sit in my Helmer, which is a metal unit that sits underneath a drafty basement window, and it's winter (well, it was when I wrote this post, anyway).  It could be that the polish was too cold, and cold polish is almost always going to be thick.  Perhaps I should sit on my nail polishes for a few minutes before using them in the winter...


So, aside from the thickness which could well be my fault, I really like this polish!  It definitely needs two coats - I had guessed that its deep color would allow it to be almost, if not entirely, a one-coater, but the base is somewhat sheer at one coat.  Totally not a problem as I usually prefer to use two coats of polish anyway!  And two coats is perfect opacity.  It definitely wouldn't need three.

The color is truly gorgeous.  In dim light it's a pretty sparkly blue, but in brighter lighting the sparkle is absolutely stunning, and the overall color looks brighter!

Out of focus to better show its sparkle!

Ellagee actually makes a polish that's inspired by The TARDIS - called Sexy Old Girl - and at first I thought I'd get that one to match my car, but that one is definitely brighter and more glittery than my car.  I did, however, buy the TARDIS pendant that Ellagee sells, and it hangs from my rear view mirror! :)

Glimmering Sapphire is from Ellagee's Sparkling Gemstones collection and has a glittery partner, called Crushed Sapphire.

Do any of you name your cars after nerdy things?  Anyone else have a polish that matches their car?  Let me know in the comments!

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