May 8, 2015

Temporary Blogging Break: I'm Moving!!!

Back in February, I decided to make it my goal to post once a week, every Wednesday.  Well, sometimes I forgot until Thursday or Friday, but for the most part I managed to keep that up for a while.  But lately, it's been a bit of a struggle, because...

Derek and I are moving!  Yes!  We're finally moving out of this crowded house full of discourteous housemates!  We found the place a month ago, and we're finally moving on May 15!

So, while I do have a few finished posts sitting around in my drafts section, I haven't been doing my nails as much over the last month.  Between preparing for the move and learning how to crochet (I could write another entire post about how much I love crocheting, omg), I've been lucky to paint my nails once per week.  And especially this week, with the move being so soon, I don't plan to do anything to my nails besides a layer of Nail Envy to keep them shielded.  I even cut them down to pre-Biotin lengths in order to avoid worrying about breaks and cracks on moving day!

My stash of ready-to-post drafts may end up lasting until I get settled in in the new apartment; it might not.  Neither Derek nor I has ever lived in a fully un-furnished place, so we have a lot of shopping to do!  It's exciting, but it definitely means that both my nails and the blog will have to take a back seat for at least a full week after we move.

I just wanted to post this announcement to let you all know that I'm taking a bit of a break, but I'll be back!  Whether it takes one week or three, I will eventually return to posting every Wednesday.  There are some really sad stories of nail bloggers who have built up a good following and then just stop blogging with no warning or explanation, and I want to make sure that nobody thinks that's happening here!

Definitely stick around on my social media pages - on Facebook I tend to focus only on nail- and blog-related stuff, but my Twitter and Instagram pages are also my personal accounts, so I'll probably still be fairly active over there.  (You might even get to see early pics of my new place on Instagram!)

One final thing: my reader survey is still active, and I'm still looking for more responses!  If you have about five minutes to spare, please click here to take the survey.  I really, really appreciate your feedback, and who knows - your feedback could lead to more of your favorite type of posts on the blog!

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