March 14, 2015

Pi Day 2015: The Date of the Century!

Starting in 2003, every year has had a cool consecutive date when written out numerically in the American fashion.  1/2/03, 3/4/05, all the way on up to 12/13/14 - which, sadly, is the last one that I'll see.

But this year?  This year holds the very best date that anyone alive will ever see.  Today is March 14, 2015: 3/14/15.  The best Pi Day ever.  Watch your clocks for 9:26:53 pm, for that shall be the best second you will ever see!

Yeah, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a little bit of a geek.  I like math and numbers and stuff. :)

Anyway, because this year's Pi Day is so epic, I painted my nails to celebrate!  They didn't turn out quite as epic as I'd hoped, but I like them all the same.

I used China Glaze Sunset Sail as the background color, which is the closest I have to pie-crust-tan, and the numbers were done with China Glaze I Brake For Colour.  The letter Pi on my right thumb was done with Sally Hansen Red My Lips and I'm super proud of how neatly it turned out (except for the top coat smears).

I don't even want to show you the rest of my right hand.  I tried some stamping, with a little pie and also some circles, but apparently stamping is really hard and everything turned out wibbly and piece-y and horrible.  I may have thrown a mini tantrum and sworn off stamping forever...

I'm going to be spending the afternoon making apple-cranberry pie, and for dinner I'm making Shepherd's Pie. :D

What are you doing to celebrate Pi Day today?  Do you think I'm a total dork for even caring? ;) Let me know in the comments!

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