November 8, 2014

Two more from Zoya Ignite and Entice

If you've been following me for a while now, you'll probably know how much I love Zoya nail polish.  I've already swatched and reviewed several of their polishes, including Remy and Ryan from the Ignite and Entice collections.

Well, Zoya recently had an amazing sale for their customers who connected their Facebook and accounts - one free polish and 50% off of an order.  I was tempted to buy bunches and bunches of polishes, but I settled for just 3 - so I basically got 3 for 1, which is awesome!

(Currently, through Wednesday November 12, all polishes from the Ignite and Entice collection are BOGO using code BFF - and ejoy free shipping on orders of $15 or more!)

So, anyway, the three colors that I chose are India, Nyssa, and Ziv.  I'll be putting Ziv up in a separate post some other time, as it's not from Ignite or Entice; but it's a beautiful metallic gold.

Zoya Entice: Nyssa

I've actually been searching for the perfect chocolatey brown creme polish for quite some time.  In my quest, I picked up China Glaze "Ingrid" - which wasn't quite right because it has a slight sparkle to it, but is still pretty all the same; OPI "How Great Is Your Dane?", which is great but a bit dark and, I dunno, not quite chocolatey enough.

And then, Zoya released their fall collection, and I saw Nyssa at ULTA, and I knew that she was the one.  But because of my nail polish buying embargo, I had to wait.  The one exception to my embargo is if Zoya has a really great sale, and the members discount came at exactly the right time!

Nyssa is a gorgeous hot cocoa brown.  It seriously looks like you're painting your nails with chocolate milk while it's applying!

The formula is a tad bit thin.  It's not insufferably watery - I don't think any of Zoya's polishes are like that.  You just have to be extra careful to wipe the excess off of your brush, because if there's too much extra polish it'll flood your cuticles and make a mess.  Any imperfections in the first coat are perfectly evened out in the second coat.


I'm not sure if you can tell, but I dinged up my ring finger before taking photos.  I fixed that by dabbing some acetone over the smudge using my finger (NOT a cotton swab or ball!), and then added a third coat of polish.

I am so, SO happy with this color!  My quest for the perfect brown is over - now to find the perfect autumn-y orange...

Zoya Ignite: India

The metallic paired with Nyssa is actually Autumn, but India stuck out to me more.  And oh. my. gosh.  India. is. gorgeous.


India is a ruby-red metallic, paired with Claire in the Entice collection.  In the bottle, it's very red-gold, but just like Remy, all that gold seems to vanish when I put it on my nails.  Is it magic?!  I don't know, but it's pretty freaking gorgeous.  I honestly don't know how else to describe this beauty.

Application is incredibly smooth and even.  You can pretty much get full coverage in one coat, but I used two in order to even out the shape around my cuticles.

When I looked at India out in the sunlight, I almost fell over.  It was SO. SPARKLY.  It also looked almost purple!  I didn't have my good camera with me, but I snapped a few pics on my phone.

I also took a video, because I just discovered that that's a thing people do: take videos of super sparkly nail polish/glitter to show off how sparkly it is.

So, what's your favorite polish from Ignite & Entice?  Which ones do you have, and which ones do you covet?  Do any of them leave you unimpressed or even bored?  Let me know in the comments!

PS in case anyone is interested - after taking these photos, I think I finally discovered a way to stop my skin from getting completely washed out when I swatch a darker polish color.  I don't know about you, but that's been totally bugging my since my very first blog post!  Hopefully my next dark nails will photograph better.


  1. So, I'm dumb about these things. When you say, "India is a ruby-red metallic, paired with Claire in the Entice collection," what do you mean exactly by "paired with Claire?" Don't tell me the lovely photos of your India nails isn't straight India polish on your nails...??? Should I have ordered Claire, too? I'm confused. Please help.

    Nail Art Noob

  2. I just realized that even though I answered this on Facebook, I should answer it here in case any other readers have the same question!

    By "paired with Claire" I just meant that Claire is the creme polish (from Entice) that best matches India (from Ignite). India is shown all on its own here, just with clear Out The Door top coat!