June 1, 2016

Ellagee Jeweled Egg Hunt

Today I have for you yet another polish that I've had sitting around for over a year but never swatched.  This one did make a brief appearance around Christmas, when I made my nail polish Christmas ornaments, and I promised then that I would swatch it eventually.  I guess today is eventually! :)

Jeweled Egg Hunt by Ellagee is a truly stunning holographic glitter.  It's in a clear base, but the glitters are so dense that just two coats over bare nails yields full opacity!

I love the pink and gold color combination, and I love even more the teeny tiny holographic glitters!  Here's yet another polish that makes me feel like I'll need to wear gloves while driving so I don't sit through a green light staring at my nails.

The glitters apply beautifully - almost as smoothly as a creme polish!  I didn't really experience any spreading or wind up with any bare spots on my nails.  A glitter this dense is usually gloopy and difficult to work with, but not this one!  And that's really saying something considering that my bottle is over a year old.

The glitter density of Jeweled Egg Hunt is similar to Black Dahlia Lacquer's Woke Up On 6th Street, which I reviewed on the blog last summer.

For once, I actually got a sunny day while swatching a holo polish!  I was shocked.  Last month was way too cloudy and gloomy.

SHAZAM!!!  I think taking out-of-focus pictures of holo glitters is one of my favorite parts of blogging.  It's so pretty!!!

I took the above photo on my phone, but I'm wishing I'd gotten out my camera and tripod to get this in-focus sunlight shot.  Still, even with less pixels per inch, you can see how beautiful this polish is!

If you like the looks of this polish, I highly recommend you check out Ellagee's entire Bejewled line!  She makes some fabulous-looking holographic glitters (although this is the only one of the line that I own or have used).

What do you think of this polish?  What's your favorite holographic glitter polish?  Let me know in the comments!

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