May 4, 2016

Zoya Petals: Leia and Aster

I wasn't actually planning on getting any of this year's spring collection by Zoya, because I have so much nail polish that I'm running low on storage space.  But, inevitably, Zoya had an excellent sale that I couldn't resist - buy one Spring Fling Trio and get two free (sadly, that sale has ended).  I decided to keep one for myself and uh - do something else with the other two.  But every single set has at least one polish that I already own, so I ended up keeping one polish out of three different trios while setting the other two sets aside for, um, later use. ;)

The three polishes that I ended up keeping are Happi - a rather old one that I've been eyeing for ages - and Leia and Aster, which are both from Petals, the new spring collection.

Zoya Leia

Leia is a gorgeous pearly white.  Alone, she doesn't get opaque very easily.  I have one to four coats shown on my pinky to pointer fingers, respectively.  As you can see, even at four coats there is still plenty of visible nail line.  However, my pointer finger currently has some weird darkness under it that looks like a few small splinters (except it's not that, because they don't hurt and I never jammed my finger).  Those were plenty covered up at 3 coats, and barely visible at 2.  If your nails aren't as long as mine, two or three coats might suffice.


Leia has a purple and green microglitter flash in her (you can see it best in the bottom left corner of the bottle in the above photo).  On top of bare nails, you can still see plenty of white.  I decided to try it out over one coat of black on my thumb, and WOW!  The purple becomes less of a flash and more of a main color!  It pretty much only looks white at one very specific angle.

This color is really really pretty and I'd love to play with it over other colors some time - and it'd look great over a French Manicure!  It's definitely sheer enough that I'd almost call it a topper.  But, since it has such a distinct purple and green shimmer, I wouldn't just throw it on top of any random color without being confident that they'd match.

Macro at three coats

Macro over black

Leia's purple and green flashes come from very very fine microglitters - which you can see pretty clearly in the above brush shot!  I love it. 

Zoya Aster


Aster is a lovely shade of periwinkle-lilac.  There's a flash of blue and of pinkish-white in the form of superfine microglitters.  It's a very delicate color - have I been saying that a lot lately? I feel like I have - and perfect for spring.  I wish I had some lilacs to hold for a photo!

The flash of other colors isn't quite as pronounced in Aster as it is in Leia; Aster looks a bit more like your average metallic texture from a distance (and, sadly, to my camera).  But look very very closely and it's anything but average!

Aster is fairy sheer on the first coat, but the second coat makes it totally opaque (even on my talons).


Well, while I wasn't really in love with these colors online, I'm quite glad I got them!  I do have plenty of pastels, but Leia and Aster are very lovely and unique.

Do you have any polishes from this collection?  Which are your favorites?  Let me know in the comments!

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