February 10, 2016

Hello Kitty by OPI + Nail art

I was super in to Hello Kitty when I was a kid.  I had a pretty decent collection - pencils, a cute little set of rainbow erasers, tiny sticker books whose stickers I never wanted to take out, the GameBoy Color game, and even a fairly nice matching pen/pencil set that came in a tin case.  It's been years since I've seen any of this, but I seem to recall having a little Hello Kitty basket to store everything in.

So when I heard recently that OPI was coming out with a Hello Kitty collection, I was totally stoked!  I knew I'd have to snag a few of the polishes in order to honor my little past self.  At a recent trip to ULTA, I was disappointed to see that they didn't have the entire collection, just two different boxed sets.  One set had minis of several of the colors, but being regular colors like blue, red, yellow, and black, I wasn't too impressed.  My polish collection, as you know, has grown to such a size that I need to really feel that I need a polish in order to buy it.  The other set had a pink creme and a pink glitter, and it came with a Hello Kitty coin purse.  Naturally, this is the one that I decided to go with.

Look At My Bow!

Look At My Bow is an adorably delicate shade of pink.  It's a perfectly Barbie-girlie-Hello-Kitty-feminine-so-sweet-it's-almost-disgusting shade of pink, really.  Its formula is a little on the thin side, not quite watery, but thin enough that cuticle pooling is a hazard.  Two coats is mostly opaque, but I could still see a tiny bit of my VNL.  I almost wanted to add a third layer, but I swatched this one while my friend Allison was visiting me and she assured me that it was fine.

Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel

I honestly have no idea what the name of this polish refers to.  I was a huge HK fan, but I didn't really get in to her friends as much.  Nor did I care to learn much about her creator/s.  So, if anyone knows who Daniel is, please let me know!

This glitter is really fabulous.  It applies as smoothly as a creme - the glitters don't smear or cling or stick at all!  Its coverage is also very nice.  I have one coat of the glitter on top of Look at my Bow, and as you can see the base of the glitter is tinted a slightly different shade of pink.  I'm really impressed with the glitter coverage in just one coat!

Allison helped me with the Kitty on my middle finger.  I used Salon Perfect Sugar Cube to make Kitty's face, but I was nervous about the stability of my hand so Allison did the rest of Kitty's details.  The black is Finger Paints Ch-ART-coal Black, and the yellow for her nose is Zoya Darcy.  And I fished a bow glitter out of Ellagee Fancy Mister Waddlebutt.  Those bows sure have come in handy for nail art!

The coin purse that came with the two polishes is really cute!  It's almost big enough to be a clutch, or at least a wallet.  And as you can see, especially in the photo above, the glitter on Kitty's bow matches Dear Daniel super well!

I'm definitely glad that I bought these two polishes.  I'd like to own the other glitter in this collection, Charmmy & Sugar, as well, but sadly I haven't been able to find it anywhere!

What is your favorite polish from this collection?  Who else was a huge Hello Kitty fan as a kid (and/or remains one now)?  Let me know in the comments!