February 13, 2015

Black Dahlia Lacquer: Strawberry Fields

Highschooler Me would be freaking out right now.  When I was in high school, I got really, really in to The Beatles (not that I ever didn't love them).  I was also sort of obsessed with strawberries.  My friends occasionally referred to me as Strawberry ShortKate, I had a pink shirt with a large strawberry printed on to it, and one of my friends gave me a giant, blinged-out strawberry necklace for my birthday one year.  My strawberry obsession was one of those things that made total sense at the time, because duh strawberries are yummy and sexy and awesome, but makes me feel kinda silly writing about it as a 23 year old because strawberries are just a fruit.

Here I am, in all my glory on my (how'd you guess?!) 16th birthday.  The scarf and necklace 
were a present that year; there's a picture of me hug-tackling my friend who gave them to me. :)

Anyway, the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever basically became my theme song.  When I doodled on my notes, I drew melting strawberries a la the movie Across the Universe (which came out in the middle of my intense Beatles obsession).

Sooo, a few weeks ago when checking out Black Dahlia Lacquer's shop for the first time, I came across this polish, and I knew that I absolutely had to have it!

Strawberry Fields is that really great shade of strawberry reddish-pink.  Real strawberries are much more red, but at the height of my strawberry obsession I often drew and doodled strawberries in a pinkish tone.  So I approve of the pinkness of this polish. :)

There is a very fabulous yet subtle pinkish-gold shimmer in this polish.  Part of what makes it so fabulous is how subtle it is!  At certain angles in certain lighting (ie, the dimness that is my basement bedroom) you can't see it at all, but let the light hit it properly and it sparkles beautifully!


Strawberry Fields' formula is very nice.  Very smooth, even coverage, and two coats yielded perfect coverage.

My camera captured this much more neon and pink than it is in person.  I did my best to desaturate it and tone down the redness to make it look more accurate, and I think this photo is the closest.  And you can see the shimmer the best right underneath the word "Dahlia"!  (The photos on BDL's website are very accurate.)

I'm definitely impressed with this polish and adding Black Dahlia to my list of favorite indie brands!  I did purchase another polish from them, but I decided not to put them in the same post.  So look forward to another Black Dahlia swatch+review in the next few weeks!  I also absolutely love their super unique bottle shape.  It just barely fits upright in my Helmer - if it was about half a centimeter taller, I'd probably have to lay it flat in the drawer!

What were your odd youthful obsessions?  Have any of them ever re-appeared in your adult life like mine did?  Let me know in the comments!

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