August 25, 2014

Back to School Nail Art!

I may not be a student anymore, and I'm not a teacher either, but it being back-to-school season, I wanted to do some school-themed nail art!  I had tons of fun with this, and it didn't even take as much time as I thought it would.  Only about two hours from applying basecoat to applying top coat!

More details ahead:

Left thumb: Converse again!  I used Nina Ultra Pro "Black" and China Glaze "White on White."  Instead of using a striper brush for the laces like I did last time, I used my new Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art White nail art pen!

Left pointer: A simple piece of paper, complete with stupid smears from applying my top coat.  It had been dry for at LEAST twenty minutes.  Whatever.  I used the same white as before, Essie "Strut Your Stuff" for the blue lines, and Sephora "Pink Bikini" for the pink stripe.

Left middle: Chalkboard!  Same black as before, same white nail art pen, and a thin strip of OPI "How Great Is Your Dane?" for the wooden panel thingy where you put the chalk and the eraser.  This one got a matte top coat to simulate the matte-ness of a chalk board.  (I use OPI's matte top coat.)

Left ring: Dry erase board!  Same white as before, same blue as before, and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Hi Ho Silver" for the metal panel thingy where you put the markers and eraser.

Left pinky: A ruler!  China Glaze "Happy Go Lucky" as the background, and my Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art Black nail art pen.

Right thumb: A locker!  I chose Finger Paints "Magritte's Masterpiece" as the blue, because it's the closest color I have to my high school's blue.  Same silver as before for the locker vents, and the same black and white nail art pens for the lock.

Right pointer: Another Converse!  Zoya "Robyn", along with the same black and white paints as before.

Right middle: The eraser end of a pencil!  Same yellow as before, with stripes of Finger Paints "Master Muse", the same silver as before, and the same pink as before.  The eraser part got a matte top coat as well, to better represent the texture of an eraser.

Right ring: A crayon, inspired by reddit user vanillabean's post.  I used Spoiled by Wet n'Wild "Green To Be Heard" for the green, and somehow managed to do the crayon stripeys by using a combination of my nail art pen and Finger Paints "Ch-Art-Coal Black," which is a striper polish.  What design would be complete without topcoat smears? :(

 a detail of my pinky because the darned finger is too short to play nice in the other photos.

Right pinky: An apple!  My nails are still stained yellow from a previous mani, so I used one coat of China Glaze "Innocence" as the background - otherwise, I wouldn't have used a background color.  The apple is composed of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Red My Lips," and the same brown, green, and white as before.  And, of course, some of the red from the apple picked up onto my top coat brush and smeared above the apple.  Sigh.  The apple design was inspired by YouTuber cutepolish.

I love, love, love these nails, and I'm kinda tempted to show up to a random college class at the nearby University of Maryland just to see if anyone notices my nails!  What's your favorite design?  Is there a symbol of back-to-school that I left out?  Let me know what you think!


  1. Yay! The blackboard is my favorite! It makes me happy inside. :D I also love the sheet of lined paper and the pencil, and of course the teeny tennies are always a fave. I would like to see π worked in there somewhere... the blackboard is so cute, you could have an Aa Bb blackboard on one hand, and a π=3.14 or E=mc2 blackboard on the other. To represent college, you could add a pkg of Ramens, haha! It's all so cute, Kate. I love it.

  2. OR flat green with two solid white lines and one dotted line in the middle, for elementary school: